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New Lighting Techology Could be An Alternative to CFL’s & LED’s

By now everyone is becoming aware of the antiquity and inefficiency of incandescent light bulbs. Over 90% of the energy used to power incandescent bulbs is radiated as heat. Many studies have been released that show the incredible impact that Compact Florescent Bulbs can have on energy savings. Some states and even a country have gone so far as to ban incandescent light bulbs.

Two problems arise with new lighting technology. CFL’s contain trace amounts of mercury which makes them incredibly hazardous and difficult to dispose of. LED technology is very promising as there are no hazardous materials to worry about, however it still remains rather expensive to implement.

While we await the pricing of LED technology to fall to more affordable levels a new promising technology has just received its patent. ESL™ technology uses accelerated electrons to stimulate a phosphor coating on the inside of a standard glass light bulb. The technology causes the surface of the glass bulb itself to glow and emit light; this is different than incandescent bulbs, which run a current through a filament inside the bulb, and LED lighting, which stimulate semiconductors to produce light.

With a greener manufacturing process and a 6,000 hour lifespan, these bulbs have the potential to be one of the best lighting alternatives. Look for ESL™ Bulbs to arrive to market around September of 2008.