Pentagon commences operation in Nigeria

October 8, 2008

Automobile and other security provider, Pentagon Protection, has commenced operational activities in Nigeria.

With head office in the United Kingdom, Pentagon Protection, explained during the just concluded Lagos motor fair that apart from its qualified staff, all required procedures were being followed to ensure maximum safety for all its customers.

Pentagon Nigeria explained that worldwide, Pentagon Protection was saving lives, protecting property and reducing injuries.

“Window tints completed to Pentagon standards are virtually flawless. We spend two or three time on a car than most car tinting companies with quality control processes that are unrivalled.

“We also have extensive experience in handling all types of cars. Pentagon’s flagship operation in West London is generally recognized as being the finest car window tinting facility in the world. Our systems and process follow ISO9002 accreditation, directly from the BSI as a British Standards Registered Firm and we are now in Nigeria.

“Through a pentagon’s Nigerian network which we are presently building, we will be able to offer our renowned quality and service standards locally at branches around the country in a very short while.

“Babies and young children seated at the rear of the car, vital protection from harmful ultra violent (UV) rays and excessive heat or glare. A pentagon car window tint is more effective and practical (and better looking) than stick-on blinds.

“Keep cool, helps to keep your vehicle cooler and more comfortable to sit in or drive during bright and hot weather for all passengers.

“Supa glass provides valuable protection from car- jackers that may try to smash their way through a side window, whilst a car is being driven. With Supa glass both driver and passenger will feel safer and more secure when traveling through high risk areas where street crime is a known problem.

“Most thieves want to break through a side window when stealing from a vehicle. Supaglass protection is designed to resist and slow a thief down significantly so that in most cases he will simply abandon his attempt and run off.

Supaglas also prevents the interior of a vehicle being inundated with countless glass fragments, which is what normally happens during a break-in.

“In the event of a heavy side impact, a side window will shatter and shower the inside of a vehicle with countless glass particles.

“Designed to hold a broken window together Pentagon Supa glass reduces substantially the risks of injury from flying glass- keeping drivers and passengers safer and better protected at all times.

“In the event that a vehicle rolls over, when a window shatters, it is possible for occupants to be wholly or partially ejected from the cabin.

“Supa glass provides an excellent “ejection mitigation” barrier during a rollover accident, helping to protect all occupants and to minimize injuries,” said Adams


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