A New Wave of Imports Are Here!

Here they come in all of their hyped up glory! New imports with ads designed to make you think that they are engineered to be the best.

One film maker markets a plasma technology and in their add they show what appears to be a scientist (He has a white trench coat, what else could he be? A doctor doing side work?) running a plasma gun over each individual roll of film. What do they want you to think? That they have this scientist working away in some back room shooting thousands of individual rolls of film with a plasma gun all day? Does he personally shoot your rolls of film before they are sent to you? Ok… next!

Another manufacture’s film works so well that they photochoped a baby fur seal into the back seat of a car! Is this supposed to mean that this window film actually keeps a car cool enough for a fur seal to live in the back seat? I didn’t know window film cools cars, I thought that’s what air conditioners do? Wow 97% IR rejection! I gotta run out and get me some of that stuff… Next!

And we have another ad that encourages us to get on the bandwagon and buy some 70%vlt film that rejects 97% IR. Complete with a color graph! Is that the entire near IR spectrum that is being measured? Next!

This one had me baffled. Spectrally Select nano-technology ceramic 100% metal free & 100% dye free. Heck yeah, I need some of that! So I go go to the website listed in the ad and… there is no website! All I can find is a place holder page!

Buyer beware. There is a whole new wave of films coming ashore promising to do miracles. Just a simple examination of the ads shows us that we should be wary. Or think of it this way. If you have ever had back orders, service issues, returns, and the like with your domestic distributor… stop and think of the headaches that await you as you attempt to do business direct with an oversees company. If the ads don’t scare you the service nightmare surely will.



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