Solamatrix -The Interview

Interesting article Window Film Magazine’s interview of Bill Stewart, former National Sales Manager of Film Technologies International (FTI) and now the National Sales Manager of Solamatrix Inc. What’s the difference? Same building, same office, (same parking spot?), and same equipment… he’s still capt bill over on and he still sells film branded as Sun-Gard® and Glass-Gard®. Aside from this, everything else seems to be totally different according to the interview.

Shortly after FTI went out of business its assets and intellectual property were bought by a company called Novomatrix. The result is a totally new company called Solamatrix Inc. No, it is not the new FTI. FTI is done, gone, kaput, nada, finito, it is out of existence. The ownership is completely different and according to Bill, so are the dynamics of the company.

Some of the changes that I notice is the access to Solamatrix partners and their resources. The first signs of this is an ad for IQ window film which is a branded IR film manufactured by Southwall Technologies and by the looks of the ad, a film that will probably be converted and distributed by Solamatrix Inc. According to Stewart FTI was never in the financial position to develop such technologically complex films as a result, they could only offer old technology films. Another noteworthy change is they are now in a position to improve the Sun Gard brand which in my opinion was one of the worst looking films out there. In the interview Bill explains why this was so and it seems to make a lot more sense to me than the explanation in the last FTI interview with Don Wheeler the former ceo. Despite all of the excuses, the two known facts are that they have machinery that is capable of making great films and now they have access to people who have a history of making great films. Lastly, was Bill’s view of the whole warranty issue. It is a very touchy subject so I am going to… avoid it. Read the article for yourself and see what Bill has to say about it.

The changes have been massive and undoubtedly have altered people’s livelihoods. Change is a constant and many will say change is good. We will have just to wait and see if Solamatrix can deliver the goods and what kind of change they will bring to our industry… no pressure Bill.



4 Responses to “Solamatrix -The Interview”

  1. 1 Steve Fisher August 5, 2008 at 6:07 am

    Joe O’Brien would roll over in his grave at the developments leading up to the demise of his beloved ITD. Given the state of affairs at the time it went under, this has GOT to be a good thing. SunGard had a lot of tried and true products, but they were “old skool” technology, and the old SunGard was not in a position to adapt to the new.
    I for one am sticking with them for my auto film at least. I have a wait and see approach to the flat glass line, but anticipate good things to happen there as well.
    As for the not honoring old warranties issue, pretty much the same thing plagued CPF when they were in trouble, and I am sure it contributed to nobody buying out SunGard outright. Warranties (35 years worth) are a huge liability, and no one wants to touch that.

  2. 2 filmdealer August 5, 2008 at 10:05 am

    SteveFisher- Your comment about CPF being in trouble and not honoring warranties indicates you really don’t know much about you are speaking of.

  3. 3 vclimber August 5, 2008 at 10:50 am

    I can speak from experience that CPF has always honored their warranties for me.

  4. 4 ed September 17, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    good post. Thanks alot

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