The Value of a Good Installation

You could purchase the best window film on the market but if it is poorly installed, what do you have? Dissatisfaction, frustration, loss of time, loss of money, maybe and angry spouse, and last but certainly not the least; your home or office now looks like it received a cheap tint job. How does this situation come about and how can you avoid it?

You Really Do Get What You Pay For -Here Is Why?

All of us are in search for the best price, the best deal we can get. So we scower the Yellow Pages or start Googling looking for window film companies to come out and give us a bid. What are we typically looking for? Is it not the best price in a lot of instances? Sure it is! Ask yourself what is it that motivates my buying decision? What makes me choose one bid over the next?

As I mentioned, we all want the best price. However, when we go so far as to create competition amongst bidders to the point where they start slashing prices below a healthy profitability margin, we inadvertently set ourselves up for a horrific installation. Here is what happens.

Every business must profit to stay alive. If they do not profit, it is only a matter of time before they go out of business. So if a window film company discounts the film that you would like to purchase down to an unhealthy profitability level and still is not the lowest bidder, where does further discounting come from? Well the next bid line item on your invoice is usually the labor charge or the money that is used to pay the installers, their insurance, taxes, and other benefits. So lets say that the bidding company discounts 40% of the labor charge to tint your home. Logic dictates that this will also affect the amount of money the installer takes home on your job. If he or she is roughly losing a third of their income for the day, they will have to work faster so that they can squeeze in more work that day and make up for the loss on your job.

We all know what can happen to quality when we are forced to squeeze in more quantity and this can be the case with window tinting. Rushed jobs can simply be due to the economics of competitive bidding.

How Can You Avoid a Bad Install?

There is no guarantee that you will not find a bad apple or have a poorly installed window film job but there are some simple steps to drastically minimize the possibility.

1) Get a referral. If you know someone that has had window film installed in their home or place of business go take a look at it. Does it look good? Ask how their experience was with the window film contractor. Did the installer take his or her time, were they neat and clean, did they take care not to damage or dirty your home or business?

2) I usually say ask for experience but recently I trained a new installer who barely has 1 year under his belt and does better work than the 20yr + veterans. So if anyone brags about the length of time they have been installing window film refer back to point #1. The finished result knows no length of experience and speaks for itself.

3) Ask if they are licensed and insured. Usually companies that invest in measures to protect the consumer will more than likely do good work.

4) Be reasonable. Do not put contractors in a bidding war. It will only facilitate the above mentioned scenario. One hint is to choose the company that either holds their ground or even backs out of the bid. Usually these companies know from experience what their bottom line is and more importantly, they know not to cross it just to win your business.

Consumers deserve to have excellent products installed to the highest standards possible. However, with good reason contracting companies should also receive a fair wage that allows their installers to take the time necessary to perform good work and still be able to make a living. Then having the best window film installed to your satisfaction can be a reality.



1 Response to “The Value of a Good Installation”

  1. 1 Rolf July 20, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    Excellent article.

    We pay our installers a good rate to deliver a good job. Sometimes they need to replace a piece of film, if they are not happy with the finish. If they did not have the financial ability to replace the film, they would compromise on their standards and the customer has to live with a mediocre installation.
    In the end, the customer gets a fair product for a fair price. I like to call it win-win. The only way to do business.

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